Strategy Preparation

To say that every company should have a business strategy is like saying nothing! Strengths and weaknesses depend on it, it defines goals and characterizes the target group.

What is a business strategy?

To say that every company should have a business strategy is like saying nothing! Strengths and weaknesses depend on it, it defines goals and characterizes the target group. Every audit ends with the business strategy, and every marketing campaign begins with the strategy. We accompany all these processes from beginning to end, providing experience that we have turned into professional strategic consulting for businesses from various market sectors!

  • company strengths and weaknesses
  • most important goals (sales, marketing, production)
  • how to achieve these goals
  • target group
  • forms of reaching the client
  • costs and activity schedule

We build strategies for our clients:


We will also define the target group, i.e. people who will be potential recipients of services or products of a given brand. In this case, you have to be as precise as possible and indicate all geographic (place of residence), demographic (age, sex, education, wealth) and psychographic data (interests, lifestyle, purchasing decisions).


By definition, a sales strategy is activities that relate to the sale and distribution of a product or service. We know, however, that this is only the tip of the iceberg. That is why we have implemented a whole range of consulting services into our offer, which firstly check the market (also in terms of competitiveness), and secondly, product matching (i.e. how best to sell it, while achieving the highest profits).

We introduce products to domestic and foreign markets (we have extensive experience in creating documentation and assigning a product mark). Then we create sales channels adapted to the market conditions and take care of appropriate distribution networks!


The statement that advertising is a lever for trade certainly did not come out of nowhere! However, it is the adaptation of the appropriate marketing strategy to the brand profile that will be the biggest challenge. We advise our clients on both on-line and off-line activities.

In the case of a digital marketing strategy, these will include marketing audits, website audits, strategies for promotional activities in various channels, content marketing and social media activities, marketing strategies tailored for clients from the e-commerce industry, etc.

Strategy for B2B and B2C ecommerce

We provide consulting services for businesses based on the functioning of an online store! We pay attention to usability, responsiveness, security, SEO adaptation and technical conditions that every store should meet! It is worth noting that we advise both companies from the B2B e-commerce sector (e.g. wholesalers) and those serving private customers (B2C online stores).

Launching the product on the Polish or EU market

Before entering the market, every business must go through several stages. In our wide range of business consulting services, we also have one that helps you bring your business to market! We offer a team of experienced traders who will take care of the correctness of all processes, and in addition, make their effects appear as soon as possible!

We work with many clients who operate in international markets. We provide support during the product launch process on the EU market. We identify directives and requirements, check EU standards, define strategies for product compliance, assess EMC compliance, create technical documentation folders, create declarations and assign CE marks.

Planning schedules and budgets

We also help companies that contact us in building schedules (both for work and employee tasks), project budgeting and subsequent management. Contrary to appearances, connecting all these processes into a coherent and logical whole, especially in the case of large and medium-sized enterprises, is not an easy matter.

We offer our clients an innovative service, which is project manager outsourcing. Such a person may also participate in building sales channels or implementing IT management systems. Control by an experienced employee allows you to reduce errors on an ongoing basis, as well as implement forward-looking strategies that will help in the functioning of the company.

Company digitization

Digital transformation is an inevitable process that had to affect everyone. While there is no major problem with this in society, enterprises must completely change their structures. As a consulting company that has had the opportunity to go through such a process, we want to share our experience with others!

Together with the client, we are working on digital strategies, without which, unfortunately, we cannot do that today. We know very well how to plan a digital marketing strategy, how to integrate online stores with other channels of the company's activity and how to introduce products for sale online. We research and optimize the contact points with the customer, all so that your brand has the opportunity to be up to date with the current trends.

Implementation of ERP and CRM systems

ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) systems are the basic two types of software that are currently used in business. Thanks to them, it is easier to manage processes within the organization and optimize activities so that they are as effective as possible.

We assist our clients in implementing such solutions, and then train them in their use. ERP and CRM systems can complement each other, and their proper integration should be one of the first steps when it comes to optimizing internal company activities.

Strategic consulting

We advise our clients on how to expand their business, enter new markets, build new sales channels and acquire new customers. It would not be possible without the STRATEGY!

Behind our consulting services is an experienced team of specialists and traders who advise the largest companies on domestic and foreign markets every day. We support our clients on various fronts, offering advice and support in building a business strategy!