Entering the product

For over 20 years, we have specialized in successfully introducing products to the market. We have cooperated with both domestic and foreign producers.

Placing the product on the market

For over 20 years, we have specialized in successfully introducing products to the market. We have cooperated with both domestic and foreign producers. We are a co-creator of self-locking Christmas tree stands, which were produced by our company in Poland for a long time. In 2015, we co-created and coordinated the production of the "Galaxy" Christmas tree stand in China, which received prestigious design awards.

Based on our experience, in 2016 the shareholders of Kamai founded the design office Vedaco Sp. z o. o., which deals with widely understood design. The company cooperates with the National Center for Research and Development in the design of double-screen devices (smartphone, laptop). Academic employees of the Jagiellonian University, the AGH University of Science and Technology and the Innovative Technology Institute are associated with Vedaco. Vedaco for the quality of the services provided was, inter alia, nominated for Made In Poland 2020!

We are able to guarantee you a comprehensive approach to design, as well as creating a comprehensive visual identification of the product. In addition, we offer development of activities and marketing strategy, as well as building sales channels!

We have resources that allow us to visualize concepts, prototyping in 3D technology, as well as low-volume production.
We offer a comprehensive approach - from concept visualization to prototyping and low-volume production.


Before we produce the right product, it is worth creating a prototype at the design stage. Today, 3D printing technology allows prototyping at low cost and time investment! Thanks to the use of modern technologies and advanced printers, the prototypes have the right properties and faithfully reflect the design! We offer:

  • thorough analysis of customer requirements
  • prototyping advice
  • initial concept made in 3D technology
  • choosing the right materials
  • 3D printing

Low series production

Sometimes it happens in production that it is necessary to deliver special parts according to strictly defined specifications. This happens mainly in the case of limited models of machines, cars, etc. In larger factories, the use of low-volume production can be problematic, because it requires re-arrangement of the entire production line, which generates high costs. For the manufacturer, such a procedure will be highly unprofitable, because its effect is to be, for example, only a few dozen items of a given product.

This is where the 3D printing technique comes in handy, which allows you to easily and quickly use advanced digital technologies and create any quantity of the product. The preparation of such low-volume production does not generate high costs!


3D printing is a technology that is more and more often used in various types of enterprises. However, you need to know that the proper preparation of an element for this form of printing requires special skills and the necessary knowledge. That is why it is worth using the help of specialists who not only guarantee high quality services, but also provide professional advice at every stage of the process.

The undoubted advantage of 3D printing is the possibility of creating any shape. However, to make it possible, you need to prepare a project that will be characterized by the appropriate specification! We provide a wide range of services in this area! We prepare products for printing, as well as design them from scratch, taking into account the client's guidelines.

We also specialize in designing for 2D printing. We prepare projects: packaging and commercial brochures, as well as developing comprehensive visual identifications of the product / product line!

Product and Competition Analysis

A good design is undoubtedly half the success in production! Remember, however, that in order for the final effect to meet the sales assumptions, the product must also be competitive on the market!

Due to our extensive experience in business consulting, one of our services is also a comprehensive analysis of businesses in terms of competition. We check whether a given idea has a chance of success, and if necessary, we direct the project on the right track!