Composite support

We provide support to our clients at every stage of cooperation

Comprehensive support

We provide support to our clients at every stage of cooperation. Starting from audits of existing activities, through building and implementing strategies taking into account the activities of the competition, to building sales channels. We provide constant care in terms of updating the content and security of the website. We take care of the development and expansion of websites with new required functionalities. We have the tools, knowledge and competences to make you feel safe and comfortable.

Dedicated Project Manager

We have introduced an innovative service, i.e. project manager outsourcing. Such a person most often works on a contract with our client, thanks to which he has the opportunity to delve deeper into the organizational structures and better understand the processes of a given company.

An external project manager helps, among others in building a schedule (both work and employee tasks), project budgeting or subsequent management. Such a person may also participate in building sales channels and implementing IT management systems. Control by an experienced employee allows you to reduce errors on an ongoing basis, as well as introduce forward-looking strategies that will help in the functioning of the company.

Budget and schedule control

We also help companies that contact us in building schedules (both for work and employee tasks), project budgeting and subsequent management. Contrary to appearances, connecting all these processes into a coherent and logical whole, especially in the case of large and medium-sized enterprises, is not an easy matter.

We implement ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) systems. These are the basic two types of software that are currently used to run business. Thanks to them, it is easier to manage processes within the organization and optimize activities so that they are as effective as possible.

IT backend maintenance

We help our clients implement modern IT solutions. However, our cooperation does not end there. If necessary, we conduct training and provide the so-called post-implementation support (our employees ensure that all processes run in accordance with the assumptions and provide advice and support at every stage).

In addition, we care about the security of websites and their administration. We analyze the current security, as well as propose solutions that will improve this security! We check if and where there are security gaps, can the application be attacked and lead to data leakage or inaccessibility, and whether the connected anti-virus systems protect internal users from attacks?

Domain Hosting and Maintenance

We offer comprehensive system maintenance services, including:

  • post-implementation care
  • technical supervision
  • custom hosting and server administration solutions < / li>
  • server virtualization and cloud computing
  • domain maintenance

When it comes to the proper functioning of the enterprise, there is no room for interruptions in its work. This is why we ensure a quick response time and simplified problem reporting procedures. Each client we work with is assigned a dedicated tutor who will be directly responsible for maintaining domains and hosting!