Market and Competition Analysis

Monitoring of competitors' activities on the market should be permanent. Thanks to professional analysis, we can efficiently match the forecast and market trends.

Market and competition analysis

Conducting analyzes only within the scope of the operation of one's own company leaves only incomplete results in most cases. If it is not supported by research into the market environment, such conclusions cannot be put in the right context. This is why in-depth knowledge of the market position against the competition is the basis for successful development! In a broader perspective, such activities increase the chances of making the right strategic decisions! Competition research is the starting point for:

  • business plan development
  • entry into the new industry
  • customer segmentation
  • new product launch

We offer our clients:

Market Analysis

Our activities cover the areas of internet data analysis, meetings with the target group, sales attempts and collecting information from opinion-forming industry leaders. Depending on our clients' needs, we adjust our activities to achieve the best possible results. We have a team of experts who conduct research both in the form of desk research and sales trials on specially selected groups!

When undertaking cooperation, we first set the goal and scope of the study, then we create a plan and present it to the client. When everything is settled, we proceed to research, on the basis of which we create a report. At the end, we discuss the results together with the client and look for the best solutions.

Focus meetings

FGI (Focus Group Interview) research is one of the forms of consumer research. Focuses are about creating discussion groups in laboratory conditions. The group of respondents is selected on the basis of a key and placed in a room where, under the watchful eye of cameras and microphones, the topics discussed are discussed. A moderator watches over the correct course of the research, who guides the interviewees to the key issues from the researchers' point of view.

Focus research allows to qualitatively check the needs of customers. The respondents discuss topics important from the brand's perspective and express their opinions about products or specific marketing solutions. By developing a report on such research, we have the opportunity to present the client with very valuable information about his business.

CAWI Research

Computer assisted web interviewing is the most popular form of quantitative data collection. It allows you to reach a very large group of people and obtain data that, after appropriate processing, will give a reliable overview of the issues being checked. We specialize in conducting consumer research, which we also use for our own projects (Vedabook, Cliphone).

We present the data in the form of legible reports that we present to our clients and analyze them together. Such a consumer research report is also an excellent bargaining chip in the case of applying for funding or acquiring sponsors!

Satisfaction and loyalty surveys

Following the motto that the best customer is a satisfied customer, we want to present to the companies we work with that consumer loyalty is an extremely important aspect of the sales strategy. In order not to be groundless, we have implemented a special model of consumer research that checks to what extent customers would be willing to buy a given product or order a given service.

We create reports based on market feedback, thanks to which our clients can better adapt the offer, which clearly affects the increase in sales. Brand loyalty is also important - a customer satisfied with the quality becomes a returning customer, and most of the revenues are often based on such people.

Data analysis

If the company's management is aware that data analysis is a key element of the operating strategy, it is undoubtedly half the battle. However, do we know how to conduct such research? Maybe in this case it is worth using the experience of external companies?

We help our clients better understand the mechanisms governing their industry! We have over 20 years of experience in business consulting, and during this time we have introduced many companies and products to the market. At this point, however, the scope of our competences does not end! We conduct a wide-ranging data analysis and it is on this basis that we check the effectiveness of our and our clients' assumptions!

Preparation of reports

We are aware that activities related to conducting consumer research or complex data analysis do not have to be clear to all entrepreneurs. That is why we have developed our special reporting system, thanks to which we present the conclusions from the activities carried out in the simplest possible way.

We create the report based on the methods of collecting and analyzing data that we have been using for many years. It is worth noting that we operate globally, therefore we are also able to audit companies operating on international markets! Such a report allows you to make changes to the company's business strategy and optimize activities so that they bring the best results!