The company's history

We present a short history and development of the company

The company Sp. z o. o. has existed since 2005, but before its history begins in 1999. After clicking on the year in the timeline you will see the description of a given stage of our history

  • 1999

    Establishment of the company "KAMAi"

    The company was founded by Małgorzata Kierska in Biała Podlaska. It specializes in the production and distribution of German tourist refrigerators and Christmas tree stands. The Kamai company almost immediately establishes cooperation with large retail chains, of which more and more are emerging in Poland at the present time.

    So for almost 20 years we have been specializing in the import and production of tourist refrigerators and Christmas tree stands.

  • 2000

    The goods are delivered to most countries of today's European Union, handling the shipment of tens of thousands of racks during the season.

    A modern production line is launched in Zawada near Zamość, on which German Christmas tree stands are made. The product is available for sale in Europe and Poland, and the distribution in our country is carried out by the Kamai company.

    The goods are delivered to most countries of today's European Union, handling the shipment of tens of thousands of racks during the season.

  • 2001

    Installation of tourist refrigerators

    High-quality production and high efficiency of the plant encouraged the German investor to expand the assembly line of tourist refrigerators.

    An additional assembly line for portable tourist refrigerators is also launched at the Zawada plant. There are over a dozen different models and many price variants. The product can be found on shelves in international retail chains. The domestic distribution, as in the case of Christmas tree stands, is carried out by the Kamai company.

  • 2005

    The company transforms into a company

    The dynamic development of the company forced us to introduce organizational changes. The company changes its legal personality and transforms into a limited liability company.

    Due to the transformation, the assortment is also expanded, and the products are introduced to new retail chains and stores. The company begins to specialize in the distribution of camping equipment and the production of its own brand of tourist refrigerator - Kamai Coolbox.

  • 2015

    Launch of an internet warehouse

    The company is undergoing a digitization process. A system is implemented to handle the growing demand for online service delivery.

    The company launches an online warehouse-, where business customers have the opportunity to place orders online. In Kamai, internal processes have been automated, so the warehouse remains fully integrated with all sales channels.

  • 2016

    Establishment of Vedaco Sp. z o. o.

    Based on the accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of designing and implementing production, Kamai shareholders establish Vedaco Sp. z o. o. It is a design office that specializes in product design. In 2020, the company was nominated for the prestigious Made In Poland 2020 award for the quality of the services provided.
    The company took over the area of low-volume production as well as market and technological research and analysis.

  • 2017


    The dropshipping wholesale store is launched - Its goal is to provide products to small and medium-sized retailers on the Internet. The platform is based on stable solutions that remain intuitive and quick to use for users.

    It provides the possibility of API integration and creates an ecosystem of companion applications that allow, inter alia, generating own structure of XML / CSV files.

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