Business consulting

The extensive experience that we have gained over the last 20 years allows us to provide services at the highest possible level!

What can we offer you?

Business consulting should be based primarily on mutual understanding and trust between the client and the consulting company. The extensive experience that we have gained over the last 20 years allows us to provide services at the highest possible level! Ie.
We provide our clients with comprehensive support - from formulating expectations, through shaping and optimization of strategy implementation processes, to a report and analysis of already carried out activities!

We mainly focus on:

  • strategy implementation control
  • financial and operational planning
  • budgeting
  • forecasting
  • financial consolidation

Our consulting services for business include:

Item design

They say that a good design is half the battle! Maybe that is why this stage is worth entrusting to professionals? We have been designing products and services for over 20 years!
We use modern 3D printing technology, on the basis of which we prepare product prototypes or implement the so-called low-volume production. We also prepare products for 2D printing and create comprehensive visual identifications for brands.

Distribution and Logistics

Launching a product is a process that must be perfect from A to Z! Only in this way will it finally bring the intended results. One of the final stages is the distribution of the product or service. It might seem that this is only a formality, but you need to know that even in the case of the best product, you need to ensure that its distribution meets the highest standards. That is why it is worth entrusting this process to professionals.

We have been working for businesses from various industries for over 20 years. We introduce products to the market and help in conducting logistic activities. Trust an experienced consulting company and make your business run perfectly from A to Z.

Ecommerce B2B and B2C

We provide consulting services for businesses based on the functioning of an online store! We pay attention to usability, responsiveness, security, SEO adaptation and technical conditions that every store should meet! It is worth noting that we advise both companies from the B2B e-commerce sector (e.g. wholesalers) and those serving private customers (B2C online stores).

Building sales channels

Unfortunately, just knowing how to sell is not enough! It will be important to build sales channels. We comprehensively deal with the introduction of products to the market, as well as provide a number of logistics solutions. We specialize in both online and offline distribution. We work with the best e-commerce software administrators, as well as have a wide network of suppliers around the world. With us, you will be sure that your product will not only sell well, but wherever it is desired.

Optimization of business processes in the company

We make sure that we advise our clients in an expert, accessible and understandable way. We believe that the optimization of business processes in the company with our help is only the beginning of a story that the customer will later develop himself!

We start with implementing practical solutions and creating a business strategy that will be effective now, but also in the long term. We conduct an in-depth market analysis, which we also check in terms of competition. We provide our clients with selected information perfectly suited to their businesses! By using our services, you can count on a fully individual approach to each case.

Outsourcing Project Manager

Quite an unusual service from our offer, which cannot be found in competition is outsourcing project manager. Such a person most often works on a contract with our client, thanks to which he has the opportunity to delve deeper into the organizational structures and better understand the processes of a given company.

An external project manager helps, among others in building a schedule (both work and employee tasks), project budgeting or subsequent management. Such a person may also participate in building sales channels or implementing IT management systems. Control by an experienced employee allows you to reduce errors on an ongoing basis, as well as implement forward-looking strategies that will help in the functioning of the company.

Internet Marketing

We also check companies in terms of online marketing. Advertising in Social Media today is an integral part of promotional activities of most brands - are you doing it right? Especially in the case of online stores, it is worth paying attention to positioning, i.e. SEO. Paid ads in the Google network, or on Facebook and Instagram will also be important - these allow, among others, drive traffic to the website and increase brand awareness.

Entering EU markets

When it comes to implementing products and services of our clients, we do not limit ourselves only to Poland. We work with many clients who operate in international markets. We provide support during the product launch process on the EU market. We identify directives and requirements, check EU standards, define strategies for product compliance, assess EMC compliance, create technical documentation folders, create declarations and assign CE marks.

Entering the Polish market

Before entering the market, every business must go through several stages. Regardless of whether your company deals with sales or provides services, to start prospering at full speed, it must meet certain guidelines and directives in force in our country.

Fortunately, you don't need to know all of them! In our wide range of business consulting services, we also have one that helps you bring your business to market! We offer a team of experienced traders who will take care of the correctness of all processes, and in addition, make their effects appear as soon as possible!

EU co-financing of R&D projects

The European Union supports entrepreneurs in the implementation of investment and research and development projects. For this, you can get really large sums, but for this to happen, it is necessary to write a draft that will be adapted to the guidelines, and thus, the committee will most likely consider it in favor of the applicant.

It just so happens that we have extensive experience in the subject of grant applications, and what's more, we once received such a grant ourselves. We offer comprehensive advice when applying for investment funds from EU subsidy programs. We advise both Polish companies and foreign investors. We help in the preparation of application documentation, so with us you can be sure that the entire process will run smoothly, flawlessly and, most importantly, will bring the desired effect.